There shall be five classes of membership –
(a) Honorary Life Member
(b) Full riding member
(c) Junior member (14 years old)
(c) Associate member
(d) Non-riding member

Prospective new members are welcome to attend rallies before joining the club but are not allowed to ride.

Annual Subscription:
Annual subscription, including HRCAV Levy and rider insurance shall be –
(a) Full riding member
(b) Junior member
(c) Associate member
(d) Non-riding member

The annual subscriptions are due on 31st October.

Insurance Cover:
New Members:
A new member must pay all moneys due to the club with their membership application.
Acceptance of membership: A welcome letter will be sent via email once accepted by the Committee.

Privileges of Club Membership:
The privileges of club membership for all full members to have voting rights and to ride at club rallies, are not transferable to non-members of the club. Associate members do have voting rights.

Dress of Riders:
Riders must wear helmets that meet Australian Standards.
Riders must wear suitable riding boots.
Spurs must be used in accordance with HRCAV Rules.
The Club Uniform must be worn at all HRCAV Events.
The Uniform consisting of
Saddle Cloth Black with Gold trim and at least one Club Logo
Black Vest with Club Logo or Black woollen jumpers with Logo
Gold stock with black trim edging or gold tie as supplied by the Club
White or bone breeches, Men may choose to wear off white Moleskins
Polo Tops as provided by the Club may be worn for Combined Training and Horse Trials.

Horses and Gear:
Stallions, rigs and colts are not permitted at Lancefield Equestrian Club activities without prior consent from the Committee and must wear the appropriate identification in accordance with HRCAV Rules.
Horses, which in the opinion of the committee are unsafe, unfit or unsuitable, will not be permitted to take part in Lancefield Equestrian Group activities. Should a horse, in the opinion of a committee member, and/or the instructor, have ill fitting or inappropriate gear, the Committee member or instructor shall have the authority to prevent the horse continuing until the problem has been corrected.

Facilities: All members, when using Club facilities, shall ensure they maintain the amenity of the grounds. They shall remove manure from the ménage and holding yards. All rubbish shall be placed in the appropriate containers.

Social Functions:
All members, including associate, non-riding and junior members shall be eligible to attend any social function that may be arranged by the club.